• Weekend House Fredrikstad / LINE SOLGAARD ARKITEKTER

    located about 200 meters from the sea andhas a sea view to the southwest. Existing terrain largely consists of soft hilly mountains with some pine and oak trees. Most of the trees were preserved through the construction process.The building is located northeast of the plot to create a large outdoor space facing the sea in the southwest. The outdoor living areas are organically designed to play on the existing terrain. The terrain is largely reversed so that the landscape to a certain extent is e

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  • Mono House / Patio Estudio

    The house is located on the end of a sloped neighborhood, on a place that borders a native forest; in contrast, the land where the house is located is flat, with no vegetation or gradients.With soil extracted from the land itself, the house rises 1.30m high to pass the line of sight over the neighboring grove and take advantage of a better view of the landscape.The entrance is on the upper floor which contains 9 different areas - living room, dining room, kitchen, three bedrooms, and three bathr

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  • El Perdido Hotel / estudio ALA

    How might desert tourism foster the sustainable development of territory to champion environmental health and the well-being of local communities? In a region where the corrosion of culture and tradition is being accelerated by rapid development, El Perdido embraces Baja California Sur's historical roots and material culture, providing a glimpse of the past while suggesting a potential design language for the future. In order to dissipate established hierarchies, traditional building techniq

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  • Sakeit El Misk Residence / Bernard Khoury Architects

    he architects.Plot # 2186-2187 is a private residence located on a site of 3,714 square meters in Sakiet El Misk, Mount Lebanon; at an altitude of approximately 900 meters.With a total built-up area of 2,390 square meters, the scheme is based on the desire to preserve the large number of trees scattered throughout the site. The trees, along with a 10-meter drop at the northern periphery of the site, jointly formed the constraints which led to the resulting programmatic organization of the projec

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  • Canela House / ValdesHagemann

    Casa Canela is located in Agua Dulce, the coastal sector of Huentelauquén, in the commune of Canela, Coquimbo region.The house is located on a ground unevenness of about 5m, formed by strata exposed to the side of a ravine that historically had human presence dating back to B.C.Originally, a thatched-roof stone wall construction was located in the same place that was used as an outdoor meeting place that confirmed the privileged condition of the place both for its views and its location.Our mai

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  • CS1 Crestview Community & Recreation Space / HA+MA

    CS1 Crestview is a community and recreation space set on a ridge in the rolling hills ofLos Angeles, California designed around landscape, context, and considered construction practices. With panoramic views across the city and to the mountains beyond, the structure is seen from afar as a small folly tucked into a grove of mature oak trees - a plane of wood floating within the trees and anchored by a brick mass to the west.Made around a palette of simple materials – Concrete, Alaskan Cedar, and

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  • Akizuki no Tori House / FUJIWALABO / Teppei Fujiwara Architects Labo

    Akizuki is an old village formed in a valley carved out by the flow of the Notori River and has long been known as a famous place for its clean, clear water. Most houses in the town still dig wells for their own drinking supply, and the crops grown in the surrounding fields are particularly delicious. The streets are lined with ancient stone walls, samurai houses, andmachiyatownhouses. It is a pristine town, very much rooted in the history and culture of the area.The request from the client was

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  • Villa LOHA / E-H Atelier d'Architectures

    This project is a residential house of approximately 600 m2 on a plot of 4500 m2. It has 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms including a master, a dining room, a TV room, a reception room, a kitchen, an office. It is located 15 minutes fromMarrakechon the Ourika road and faces the Atlas Mountains. It is the specificities of the land and the contextual contingencies that determined the architectural approach of the project.It was first necessary to resolve the problems of opposite with the neighbors, then

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  • House Under Shadows / Zero Energy Design Lab

    The client's brief called for an expansive two-unit residence for two brothers and their families that characterizes sustainable living in the lap of nature and be openly guided by design to find the rhythm of movement and activities within the house. In response to this, the house fuses two single-floor units through a common façade and a seamless double roof that creates a sense of visual cohesion through its horizontal emphasis. The architect had a zero-energy approach towards the vi

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  • The Arc at Green School / IBUKU

    IBUKU has pioneered a new design vocabulary, making our own rules along the way, and offering new solutions to the world through our journey. Today, we offer yet another design solution, an unprecedented structure which is not only an incredible piece of bamboo architecture, but will serve as a reference in lightweight structures altogether.The Arc is the newest building on campus at the world-renowned Green School inBali, Indonesia. The school has a 12 year history of breaking boundaries and ex

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